All Classes and Interfaces

Base helper class for creating async tasks on "items", based on POST
Base of all implementations of service HttpAction.
Different kinds of request.
Base for actions that are container and also have actions on items
Base class for control actions.
Dump the HTTP request
Functions relating to HttpAction objects, including the standard execute with logging process (ActionExecLib.execAction(org.apache.jena.fuseki.servlets.HttpAction, org.apache.jena.fuseki.servlets.ActionProcessor))
Action on items in a container, but not the container itself
Operations related to servlets
The ping servlet provides a low cost, uncached endpoint that can be used to determine if this component is running and responding.
Interface for executing HttpAction.
Common point for operations that are "REST"ish (use GET/PUT etc as operations).
Factory for creating the ActionProcessor for an endpoint.
A NoOp implementation of .
A task that kicks off a asynchronous operation that simply waits and exits.
The set of currently active and recently completed tasks.
An asynchronous task
Authorization Policies.
Servlet filter that applies a predicate to incoming requests and rejects with 403 "Forbidden" if the predicate returns false, otherwise it passes the request down the filter chain.
Policy for authorization to a resource.
An AuthPolicy that combines a number of AuthPolicies.
The "everything unsupported" ActionREST implemenation
Content negotiation is a mechanism defined in the HTTP specification that makes it possible to serve different versions of a document (or more generally, a resource representation) at the same URI, so that user agents can specify which version fit their capabilities the best.
A statistics counter
Names for all counters
Objects that have a counter set
A collection of counters
Implementation of the cross-origin resource sharing.
A pairing of name and DataService, a dataset and its endpoints (which may in turn be named), in the URL space of the server
Registry of (dataset name, DataAccessPoint).
Record of datasets created from descriptions.
Functions to load data to a StreamRDF.
Validate data - report in HTML
Validate data - report in JSON
Dispatch on registered datasets.
Select an operation based on the request (HttpAction) and the choices at this named endpoint (EndpointSet).
Endpoint builder
Collection of endpoints for a dispatch point.
Functions to setup and act on the configuration of a Fuseki server
Functions that log information about the core Fuseki engine.
Operations to extend Fuseki with external code.
Look at all requests and see if they match a registered dataset name; if they do, pass down to the uber servlet, which can dispatch any request for any service.
Library of HTTP/network related functions.
Convenience set of prefixes
A packaging of code to do a controlled read of a graph or model
Target of GSP operations.
Extensions: "?graph=union" and "?graph=default"
HTTP action that represents the user request lifecycle.
Intercepting wrapper so we can track the response settings for logging purposes
Create a description of a service
Management of intern'ed names T that can be used as keys.
An ActionService that denies service.
Operations are symbol to look up in the OperationRegistry.operationToHandler map.
Registry of operations.
A Fuseki service to receive and apply a patch.
Create standard request logs (NCSA etc)
Responsible for handling JSON response output.
This is the content negotiation for each kind of SPARQL query result
Various constants used in the API functions and JSON responses.
Adapter of ActionProcessor to a plain servlet.
Addition HTTP Servlet operations.
Servlet with inheritance for ActionProcessor.
SHACL validation service.
Support functions for the SPARQL protocol (SPARQL Query, SPARQL Update)
Handle SPARQL Query requests over the SPARQL Protocol.
Limit triples/quads and stop passing through after a limit is reached.
Base of async tasks - this carries some useful information around, leaving the implementation of to the specific task.
Operations related to TDB1 and TDB2
Record of an upload
Upload files to a server.
Validation base for JSON output
Lib of validators returning HTML or text
Validation operations for JSON output
A String that has passed a validation process.