Class DataService


public class DataService extends Object
A DataService is the fuseki Service in a configuration file.
  • Field Details

    • activeTxn

      public AtomicLong activeTxn
      Counter of active transactions
    • totalTxn

      public AtomicLong totalTxn
      Cumulative counter of transactions
  • Method Details

    • newBuilder

      public static DataService.Builder newBuilder()
      Builder for a new DataService.
    • newBuilder

      public static DataService.Builder newBuilder(org.apache.jena.sparql.core.DatasetGraph dsg)
      Builder for a new DataService, with a dataset.
    • newBuilder

      public static DataService.Builder newBuilder(DataService dSrv)
      Return a new builder, populated by an existing DatasetService
    • getDataset

      public org.apache.jena.sparql.core.DatasetGraph getDataset()
    • getEndpointSet

      public EndpointSet getEndpointSet(String endpointName)
      Return the EndpointSet for the operations for named use.
    • getEndpointSet

      public EndpointSet getEndpointSet()
      Return the EndpointSet for the operations for unnamed use.
    • getEndpoints

      public Collection<Endpoint> getEndpoints()
      Return a collection of all endpoints for this DataService.
    • forEachEndpoint

      public void forEachEndpoint(Consumer<Endpoint> action)
      Execute an action for each Endpoint.
    • getEndpoints

      public List<Endpoint> getEndpoints(Operation operation)
    • getOperations

      public Collection<Operation> getOperations()
      Return the operations available here.
      See Also:
    • hasOperation

      public boolean hasOperation(Operation operation)
      Return the operations available here.
      See Also:
    • setEndpointProcessors

      public void setEndpointProcessors(OperationRegistry operationRegistry)
      Set any ActionService processors that are currently unset.
    • getDefaultOperationChooser

      public DispatchFunction getDefaultOperationChooser()
      Decision function for this DataService.

      This is the handler for the case of "no query string, no registered content-type" that occurs when a name has multiple choices in the dispatcher so the operation can not be distinguished.

      If null, the system default (in Dispatcher.selectPlainOperation) is a quads performed on the dataset - Operation.GSP_R or Operation.GSP_RW.

    • goActive

      public void goActive()
    • goOffline

      public void goOffline()
    • isAcceptingRequests

      public boolean isAcceptingRequests()
    • getCounters

      public CounterSet getCounters()
    • getRequests

      public long getRequests()
    • getRequestsGood

      public long getRequestsGood()
    • getRequestsBad

      public long getRequestsBad()
    • startTxn

      public void startTxn(org.apache.jena.query.TxnType mode)
    • finishTxn

      public void finishTxn()
    • shutdown

      public void shutdown()
      Shutdown and never use again.
    • authPolicy

      public AuthPolicy authPolicy()
      Returning null implies no authorization control