public class GraphTarget extends Object
Target of GSP operations.
Extensions: "?graph=union" and "?graph=default"
  • Method Details

    • determineTarget

      public static final GraphTarget determineTarget(org.apache.jena.sparql.core.DatasetGraph dsg, HttpAction action)
    • determineTargetGSP

      public static final GraphTarget determineTargetGSP(org.apache.jena.sparql.core.DatasetGraph dsg, HttpAction action)
      With GSP direct naming.
    • dataset

      public org.apache.jena.sparql.core.DatasetGraph dataset()
    • isDefault

      public boolean isDefault()
    • isUnion

      public boolean isUnion()
    • graphName

      public org.apache.jena.graph.Node graphName()
    • graph

      public org.apache.jena.graph.Graph graph()
      Get a graph for the action - this is not a test for graph existence. May return null or an empty graph.
    • exists

      public boolean exists()
    • label

      public String label()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object