Class FusekiLogging


public class FusekiLogging extends Object

This applies to Fuseki run from the command line and embedded.

This does not apply to Fuseki running in Tomcat where it uses the servlet 3.0 mechanism described in Log4j2 manual (webapp). See FusekiServerEnvironmentInit.

  • Field Details

    • envLogLoggingProperty

      public static String envLogLoggingProperty
    • logLoggingProperty

      public static String logLoggingProperty
    • log4j2_configurationFile

      public static final String log4j2_configurationFile
      See Also:
    • log4j2_web_configuration

      public static final String log4j2_web_configuration
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  • Constructor Details

    • FusekiLogging

      public FusekiLogging()
  • Method Details

    • markInitialized

      public static void markInitialized(boolean isInitialized)
      Mark whether logging is considered "initialized". Some external factor (e.g. log4j2 webapp context-param "log4jConfiguration") may mean logging will be initialized some other way.

      Call this with argument false if the code wants to re-initialize the logging otherwise calls of setLogging will be no-ops.

    • setLogging

      public static void setLogging()
      Set up logging.
    • hasInitialized

      public static boolean hasInitialized()
    • setLogging

      public static void setLogging(Path extraDir)
      Set up logging. Allow an extra location. This may be null.
      extraDir -
    • resetLogging

      public static void resetLogging(String configString)