Class SPARQLQueryProcessor

All Implemented Interfaces:
ActionLifecycle, ActionProcessor
Direct Known Subclasses:
SPARQL_QueryDataset, SPARQL_QueryGeneral.SPARQL_QueryProc

public abstract class SPARQLQueryProcessor extends ActionService
Handle SPARQL Query requests over the SPARQL Protocol. Subclasses provide this algorithm with the actual dataset to query, whether a dataset hosted by this server (SPARQL_QueryDataset) or specified in the protocol request (SPARQL_QueryGeneral).

When data-level access control is in use, the ActionService's are AccessCtl_SPARQL_QueryDataset etc.

  • Constructor Details

    • SPARQLQueryProcessor

      public SPARQLQueryProcessor()
  • Method Details

    • execOptions

      public void execOptions(HttpAction action)
    • execHead

      public void execHead(HttpAction action)
    • execGet

      public void execGet(HttpAction action)
    • execPost

      public void execPost(HttpAction action)
    • validate

      public void validate(HttpAction action)
      Validate the request, checking HTTP method and HTTP Parameters.
      action - HTTP Action
    • execute

      public final void execute(HttpAction action)
      Description copied from interface: ActionLifecycle
      The perform step of a request