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ActionLifecycle, ActionProcessor
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public abstract class ActionBase extends Object implements ActionProcessor, ActionLifecycle
Base of all implementations of service HttpAction. This class provides the two steps execution of "validate" and "perform". Subclasses choose which HTTP methods they handle by implementing "execGet(HttpAction)" etc. These often call executeLifecycle(org.apache.jena.fuseki.servlets.HttpAction) for their normal HttpAction lifecycle, for example, when GET and POST do the same steps so common "validate" and "execute". See ActionExecLib.execAction(org.apache.jena.fuseki.servlets.HttpAction, org.apache.jena.fuseki.servlets.ActionProcessor) for the common ActionProcessor execution with logging and error handling. This is used by Dispatcher.dispatchAction(HttpAction). See ActionService which overrides executeLifecycle(org.apache.jena.fuseki.servlets.HttpAction) to add statistics counters. Some operations like OPTIONS will implement differently.
 public void execGet(HttpAction action) { super.executeLifecycle(action); }
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      public void process(HttpAction action)
      Subclasses must override execGet, execPost etc to say which methods they support. Typically, the implementation is a call to executeLifecycle(action).
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      process in interface ActionProcessor
      action - HTTP Action