Class FusekiCoreInfo


public class FusekiCoreInfo extends Object
Functions that log information about the core Fuseki engine.
  • Constructor Details

    • FusekiCoreInfo

      public FusekiCoreInfo()
  • Method Details

    • logCode

      public static void logCode(org.slf4j.Logger log)
      Details of the code version.
    • logServerCmdSetup

      public static void logServerCmdSetup(org.slf4j.Logger log, boolean verbose, DataAccessPointRegistry dapRegistry, String datasetPath, String datasetDescription, String serverConfigFile, String staticFiles)
      Log details - this function is about command line details
    • logDataAccessPointRegistry

      public static void logDataAccessPointRegistry(org.slf4j.Logger log, DataAccessPointRegistry dapRegistry, boolean longForm)
    • logDataAccessPoint

      public static void logDataAccessPoint(org.slf4j.Logger log, DataAccessPoint dap)
      Log a DataAccessPoint in detail