Class SPARQLProtocol


public class SPARQLProtocol extends Object
Support functions for the SPARQL protocol (SPARQL Query, SPARQL Update)
  • Constructor Details

    • SPARQLProtocol

      public SPARQLProtocol()
  • Method Details

    • messageForException

      public static String messageForException(QueryException ex)
      Form a message from a QueryException.
    • messageForParseException

      public static String messageForParseException(QueryParseException ex)
      Form a message from a QueryParseException.
    • getDatasetDescription

      public static DatasetDescription getDatasetDescription(HttpAction action, Query query)
      Given an action (protocol request) and a query, decide the DatasetDescription, if any.
      action - Action details - may be null.
      query - The query - may be null.
      DatasetDescription or null
    • getProtocolDatasetDescription

      public static DatasetDescription getProtocolDatasetDescription(HttpAction action)
    • getQueryDatasetDescription

      public static DatasetDescription getQueryDatasetDescription(Query query)
    • countParamOccurences

      public static int countParamOccurences(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request, String param)