TDB is a component of Jena for RDF storage and query. It support the full range of Jena APIs. TDB can be used as a high performance RDF store on a single machine. This documentation describes the latest version, unless otherwise noted.

A TDB store can be accessed and managed with the provided command line scripts and via the Jena API. When accessed using transactions a TDB dataset is protected against corruption, unexpected process terminations and system crashes.

A TDB dataset should only be directly accessed from a single JVM at a time otherwise data corruption may occur. From 1.1.0 onwards TDB includes automatic protection against multi-JVM usage which prevents this under most circumstances.

If you wish to share a TDB dataset between multiple applications please use our Fuseki component which provides a SPARQL server that can use TDB for persistent storage and provides the SPARQL protocols for query, update and REST update over HTTP.