TDB2 is a component of Apache Jena for RDF storage and query. It supports the full range of Jena APIs. TDB2 can be used as a high performance RDF store on a single machine. TDB2 can be used with Apache Jena Fuseki.

TDB1 is the previous generation native storage system for Jena.

Compared to TDB1:

  • No size limits on transactions : bulk uploads into a live Fuseki can be 100’s of millions of triples.
  • Models and Graphs can be passed across transactions
  • Transactional only (there is currently no “autocommit” mode).
  • Better transaction control
    • No queue of delayed updates
    • No backlog problems.
    • “Writer pays” - readers don’t
  • Datatypes of numerics preserved; xsd:doubles supported.

TDB2 is not compatible with TDB1