Jena-related projects and tools

This page lists various projects and tools related to Jena - classes, packages, libraries, applications, or ontologies that enhance Jena or are built on top of it. These projects are not part of the Jena project itself, but may be useful to Jena users.

This list is provided for information purposes only, and is not meant as an endorsement of the mentioned projects by the Jena team.

If you wish your contribution to appear on this page, please raise a GitHub issue with the details to be published.

Name Description License Creator URL
GeoSPARQL Jena Implementation of GeoSPARQL 1.0 standard using Apache Jena for SPARQL query or API. Apache 2.0 Greg Albiston and Haozhe Chen geosparql-jena at GitHub
GeoSPARQL Fuseki HTTP server application compliant with the GeoSPARQL standard using GeoSPARQL Jena library and Apache Jena Fuseki server Apache 2.0 Greg Albiston geosparql-fuseki at GitHub
Jastor Code generator that emits Java Beans from OWL Web Ontologies Common Public License Ben Szekely and Joe Betz Jastor website
NG4J Named Graphs API for Jena BSD license Chris Bizer NG4J website
Micro Jena (uJena) Reduced version of Jena for mobile devices as per Jena Fulvio Crivellaro and Gabriele Genovese and Giorgio Orsi Micro Jena
Gloze XML to RDF, RDF to XML, XSD to OWL mapping tool as per Jena Steve Battle jena files page
WYMIWYG KnoBot A fully Jena based semantic CMS. Implements URIQA. File-based persistence. Apache Reto Bachmann-Gmuer / Download KnoBot
Infinite Graph An infinite graph implementation for RDF graphs BSD UTD Infinite Graph for Jena
Twinkle A GUI interface for working with SPARQL queries Public Domain Leigh Dodds Twinkle project homepage
GLEEN A path expression (a.k.a. “regular paths”) property function library for ARQ SparQL Apache 2.0 Todd Detwiler - University of Washington Structural Informatics Group GLEEN home
Jena Sesame Model Jena Sesame Model - Sesame triple store for Jena models GNU Weijian Fang Jena Sesame Model
D2RQ Treats non-RDF databases as virtual Jena RDF graphs GNU GPL License Chris Bizer D2RQ website
GeoSpatialWeb This projects adds geo-spatial predicates and reasoning features to Jena property functions. GNU GPL License Marco Neumann and Taylor Cowan GeoSpatialWeb
Jenabean Jenabean uses Jena’s flexible RDF/OWL API to persist Java beans. Apache 2.0 Taylor Cowan and David Donohue Jenabean project page
Persistence Annotations 4 RDF Persistence Annotation for RDF (PAR) is a set of annotations and an entity manager that provides JPA like functionality on top of an RDF store while accounting for and exploiting the fundamental differences between graph storage and relational storage. PAR introduces three (3) annotations that map a RDF triple (subject, predicate, object) to a Plain Old Java Object (POJO) using Java’s dynamic proxy capabilities. Apache 2.0 Claude Warren PA4RDF at Sourceforge
Semantic_Forms Swiss army knife for data management and social networking. open source Jean-Marc Vanel Semantic_Forms
JDBC 4 SPARQL JDBC 4 SPARQL is a type 4 JDBC Driver that uses a SPARQL endpoint (or Jena Model) as the data store. Presents graph data as relational data to tools that understand SQL and utilize JDBC Apache 2.0 (Some components GNU LGPL V3.0) Claude Warren jdbc4sparql at GitHub