Apache Jena documentation overview

This section contains detailed information about the various Jena sub-systems, aimed at developers using Jena. For more general introductions, please refer to the Getting started and Tutorial sections.

Documentation index

  • The RDF API - the core RDF API in Jena
  • SPARQL - querying and updating RDF models using the SPARQL standards
  • Fuseki - SPARQL server which can present RDF data and answer SPARQL queries over HTTP
  • I/O - reading and writing RDF data
  • RDF Connection - a SPARQL API for local datasets and remote services
  • Assembler - describing recipes for constructing Jena models declaratively using RDF
  • Inference - using the Jena rules engine and other inference algorithms to derive consequences from RDF models
  • Ontology - support for handling OWL models in Jena
  • Data and RDFS - apply RDFS to graphs in a dataset
  • TDB2 - a fast persistent triple store that stores directly to disk
  • TDB - Original TDB database
  • SHACL - SHACL processor for Jena
  • ShEx - ShEx processor for Jena
  • Text Search - enhanced indexes using Lucene for more efficient searching of text literals in Jena models and datasets.
  • GeoSPARQL - support for GeoSPARQL
  • Permissions - a permissions wrapper around Jena RDF implementation
  • JDBC - a SPARQL over JDBC driver framework
  • Tools - various command-line tools and utilities to help developers manage RDF data and other aspects of Jena
  • How-To’s - various topic-specific how-to documents
  • QueryBuilder - Classes to simplify the programmatic building of various query and update statements.
  • Extras - various modules that provide utilities and larger packages that make Apache Jena development or usage easier but that do not fall within the standard Jena framework.
  • Javadoc - JavaDoc generated from the Jena source