ARQ - A SPARQL Processor for Jena

ARQ is a query engine for Jena that supports the SPARQL RDF Query language. SPARQL is the query language developed by the W3C RDF Data Access Working Group.

ARQ Features

  • Standard SPARQL
  • Free text search via Lucene
  • SPARQL/Update
  • Access and extension of the SPARQL algebra
  • Support for custom filter functions, including javascript functions
  • Property functions for custom processing of semantic relationships
  • Aggregation, GROUP BY and assignment as SPARQL extensions
  • Support for federated query
  • Support for extension to other storage systems
  • Client-support for remote access to any SPARQL endpoint


Features of ARQ that are legal SPARQL syntax


Feature of ARQ that go beyond SPARQL syntax.


ARQ supports the W3C standard SPARQL Update language.

See Also

  • Fuseki - Server implementation of the SPARQL protocol.
  • TDB - A SPARQL database for Jena, a pure Java persistence layer for large graphs, high performance applications and embedded use.
  • RDFConnection, a unified API for SPARQL Query, Update and Graph Store Protocol.

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