TDB2 - Migration from TDB1

Migrating Data

TDB2 is not compatible with TDB1. Data must be reloaded from RDF again.

Migrating Code

Simple migration of code is to use TDB2Factory in place of TDBFactory to create datasets. DatasetGraph objects are now created via DatabaseMgr.

Beware that many classes have the same name in TDB1 and TDB2 but are in different packages. The base package name for TDB2 is org.apache.jena.tdb2.

Example code: TDB2Factory

import org.apache.jena.tdb2.TDB2Factory;

    public static void main(String[] args) {
       Dataset ds = TDB2Factory.createDataset() ;
       Txn.execWrite(ds, ()->{
  , "SomeData.ttl");
       }) ;
        Txn.execRead(dsg, ()->{
           RDFDataMgr.write(System.out, ds, Lang.TRIG) ;
       }) ;