Apache Jena Releases

Apache Jena is packaged as downloads which contain the most commonly used portions of the systems:

  • apache-jena – contains the APIs, SPARQL engine, the TDB native RDF database and command line tools
  • apache-jena-fuseki – the Jena SPARQL server

Jena5 requires Java 17, or a later version of Java.

Jena jars are available from Maven.

You may verify the authenticity of artifacts below by using the PGP KEYS file.

Apache Jena Release

Source release: this forms the official release of Apache Jena. All binaries artifacts and maven binaries correspond to this source.

Apache Jena Release SHA512 Signature
jena-5.1.0-source-release.zip SHA512 PGP

Apache Jena Binary Distributions

The binary distribution of the Fuseki server:

Apache Jena Fuseki SHA512 Signature
apache-jena-fuseki-5.1.0.tar.gz SHA512 PGP
apache-jena-fuseki-5.1.0.zip SHA512 PGP


The binary distribution of libraries contains the APIs, SPARQL engine, the TDB native RDF database and a variety of command line scripts and tools for working with these systems.
Apache Jena Commands SHA512 Signature
apache-jena-5.1.0.tar.gz SHA512 PGP
apache-jena-5.1.0.zip SHA512 PGP


The binary distribution of Fuseki as a WAR file:
Apache Jena Fuseki SHA512 Signature
jena-fuseki-war-5.1.0.war SHA512 PGP

This can be run in any servlet application container supporting Jakarta Servlet 6.0 (part of Jakarta EE version 9), such as Apache Tomcat 10.x or later. The server must be running on the required version of Java.

Apache Jena Download area

The source release and also the binaries are available from the Apache Jena Download area.

Individual Modules

Apache Jena publishes a range of modules beyond those included in the binary distributions (code for all modules may be found in the source distribution).

Individual modules may be obtained using a dependency manager which can talk to Maven repositories, some modules are only available via Maven.


See “Using Jena with Apache Maven” for full details.


Source code

The development codebase is available from git.


This is also available on GitHub:


Previous releases

While previous releases are available, we strongly recommend that wherever possible users use the latest official Apache releases of Jena in preference to using any older versions of Jena.

Previous Apache Jena releases can be found in the Apache archive area at https://archive.apache.org/dist/jena.

Download Source

The Apache Software foundation uses CDN-distribution for Apache projects and the current release of Jena.

The currently selected mirror is https://dlcdn.apache.org/. If you encounter a problem with this mirror, please select another mirror.

Other mirrors: