Using Jena with Apache Maven

Apache Maven is a tool to help Java projects manage their dependencies on library code, such as Jena. By declaring a dependency on the core of Jena in your project’s pom.xml file, you will get the consistent set of library files that Jena depends on automatically added too.

This page assumes you have Maven installed on your computer. If this is not the case, please read and follow these instructions.


Released maven artifacts are mirrored to the central maven repositories.

Development snapshots are available as well.

Stable Jena releases are automatically mirrored by the central Maven repositories, so there will normally be no need to add any extra repositories to your pom.xml or settings.xml.

Specifying Jena as a dependency

This is how to specify in your pom.xml file the dependency on a version of Jena:


This will transitively resolve all the dependencies for you: jena-core, jena-arq, jena-tdb and jena-iri and their dependencies.

Note the use of <type>pom</type> above.

Other modules need to be added separately, for example:


Please check for the latest versions.

Major Artifacts

Jena provides a number of maven artifacts as delivery points.
There are also a number of maven artifacts used as part of structuring Jena development.

Artifact ID Packaging (<type>) Description
apache-jena-libs pom A POM artifact that may be referenced to pull in all the standard Jena Libraries (Core, ARQ, IRI, and TDB) with a single dependency.
apache-jena pom The binary distribution
apache-jena-fuseki pom Fuseki2 distribution
jena The formal released source-released for each Jena release. This is not a maven-runnable set of binary files
jena-fuseki-main war Fuseki packaged for standalone and embedded use.
jena-text jar SPARQL Text Search. Included in Fuseki.
jena-shacl jar SHACL engine for Jena.
jena-shex jar ShEx engine for Jena.
jena-serviceenhancer jar Bulk retrieval and caching for SERVICE clauses
jena-querybuilder jar A utility package to simplify the building of ARQ queries in code.
jena-permissions jar Security wrapper around Jena RDF implementation.
jena-jdbc-driver-bundle jar A collection of JDBC drivers

There are also a number of artifacts used in development. The full list can be seen by browsing Maven

Released Jena artifacts

(This includes historic artifacts which are no longer active.)

You can run mvn dependency:tree to print the dependency tree.

Specifying dependencies on SNAPSHOTs

If you want to depend on Jena development snapshots and help with Jena development, e.g. to get access to recent bug fixes for testing, you should add the following to your pom.xml:


Build and install artifacts in your local Maven repository

If you want you can check out the Jena sources, build the artifacts and install them in your local Maven repository, then you simply check out the source tree and build with maven mvn install. This assumes you have Maven and Git installed:

$ git clone
$ cd jena
$ mvn clean install

Each of the modules can be built on its own, but they require the current snapshots and Jena parent POM to be installed.