Package org.apache.jena.graph

package org.apache.jena.graph
This package defines the Graph and Node family of classes, which form the underlying datatypes of the Jena system.
  • Class
    System identifier for a blank node.
    Interface for expressing capabilities.
    Use GraphMemFactory
    HasNode - interface for objects that front a Node in some context.
    FrontsTriple (see also FrontsNode) is an interface for things that can be seen as wrappers round triples.
    this interface describes types that can have a triple extracted using a getTriple method.
    The interface to be satisfied by implementations maintaining collections of RDF triples.
    The component of a graph responsible for managing events and listeners.
    GraphEvents is the base class for Jena general graph events.
    GraphExtract offers a very simple recursive extraction of a subgraph with a specified root in some supergraph.
    Interface for listening to graph-level update events.
    A factory for providing instances of named graphs with appropriate storage models.
    A factory class for creating memory Graphs.
    An ad-hoc collection of useful code for graphs
    A Node has five subtypes: Node_Blank, Node_Anon, Node_URI, Node_Variable, and Node_ANY.
    A Node_ANY (there should be only one) is a meta-node that is used to stand for any other node in a query.
    RDF blank nodes, ie nodes with identity but without URIs.
    This is the class of "concrete" nodes, ie those which correspond to actual RDF data - URIs, blank nodes, and literals.
    Extension to the RDF Data model.
    This is the subclass of "fluid" nodes, ie nodes that are "holes" in pattern matching.
    RDF Graphs as RDF terms.
    An RDF node holding a literal value.
    Marker special nodes for datastructures.
    RDF triples as RDF terms for RDF-star embedded triples.
    RDF nodes with a global identity given by a URI.
    "variable" nodes; these are outside the RDF2003 specification, but are used internally for "placeholder" nodes where blank nodes would be wrong, most specifically in Query.
    Exception thrown if a literal-access operation is attempted on a non-literal node.
    The NodeVisitor interface is used by Node::visitWith so that an application can have type-dispatch on the class of a Node.
    Preliminary interface for graphs supporting transactions.
    Triples are the basis for RDF statements; they have a subject, predicate, and object field (all nodes) and express the notion that the relationship named by the predicate holds between the subject and the object.
    A Field is a selector from Triples; it allows selectors to be passed around as if they were functions.
    An interface for expressing a stopping condition on triples, such as in sub-graph extraction.
    An extended iterator that can return its next element as a Triple.