Package org.apache.jena.graph.impl

package org.apache.jena.graph.impl
This package provides basic implementations of Graph interfaces such as EventManager and Capabilities. There are also abstract base boilerplate classes that implement Graph (GraphBase) and TransactionHandler (TransactionHandlerBase).
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    Support the old style "subclass" way to choose capabilities.
    A simple graph implementation that wraps a collection of triples.
    GraphBase is an implementation of Graph that provides some convenient base functionality for Graph implementations.
    An implementation of graph isomorphism for Graph equality.
    A version of Graph that enforces term equality even if the base graph uses value-indexing.
    GraphWithPerform is an implementation interface that extends Graph with the performAdd and performDelete methods used by GraphBase to invoke non-notifying versions of add and delete.
    Represents the "contents" of a Node_Literal.
    This class is not in the public API.
    Simple implementation of GraphEventManager for GraphBase to use.
    A base for transaction handlers; provide implementations of execute* operations using the fundamental begin-commit-abort.
    TripleStore - interface for bulk storage of triples used in composed graphs.
    A wrapper class which simply defers all operations to its base.