Interface GraphWithPerform

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BaseInfGraph, BasicForwardRuleInfGraph, CollectionGraph, CompositionBase, Delta, Difference, DisjointUnion, Dyadic, FBRuleInfGraph, GraphBase, GraphMem, GraphMem2, GraphMem2Fast, GraphMem2Legacy, GraphMem2Roaring, GraphMemBase, GraphPlain, Intersection, LPBackwardRuleInfGraph, MonitorGraph, MultiUnion, Polyadic, RandomOrderGraph, RDFSRuleInfGraph, RETERuleInfGraph, SafeGraph, TransitiveInfGraph, Union, WrappedGraph

public interface GraphWithPerform extends Graph
GraphWithPerform is an implementation interface that extends Graph with the performAdd and performDelete methods used by GraphBase to invoke non-notifying versions of add and delete.
  • Method Details

    • performAdd

      void performAdd(Triple t)
      add t to this graph, but do not generate any event
    • performDelete

      void performDelete(Triple t)
      remove t from this graph, but do not generate any event