Class TransitiveInfGraph

All Implemented Interfaces:
Graph, GraphWithPerform, InfGraph

public class TransitiveInfGraph extends BaseInfGraph
Implementation of InfGraph used by the TransitiveReasoner. This is returned by the TransitiveReasoner when a data graph (together with an optional schema) has been bound.

The cached property and class graphs are calculated by the reasoner when the schema is bound. If the data graph does not include schema information then the caches generated at schema binding stage are reused here. Otherwise the caches are regenerated.

  • Constructor Details

    • TransitiveInfGraph

      public TransitiveInfGraph(Graph data, TransitiveReasoner reasoner)
      Constructor. Called by the TransitiveReasoner when it is bound to a data graph.
      reasoner - the parent instance of the transitive reasoner, including any precomputed class and property caches
      data - the data graph being bound in.
  • Method Details

    • prepare

      public void prepare()
      Perform any initial processing and caching. This call is optional. Most engines either have negligable set up work or will perform an implicit "prepare" if necessary. The call is provided for those occasions where substantial preparation work is possible (e.g. running a forward chaining rule system) and where an application might wish greater control over when this prepration is done.
      Specified by:
      prepare in interface InfGraph
      prepare in class BaseInfGraph
    • getSchemaGraph

      public Graph getSchemaGraph()
      Return the schema graph, if any, bound into this inference graph.
      Specified by:
      getSchemaGraph in class BaseInfGraph
    • findWithContinuation

      public ExtendedIterator<Triple> findWithContinuation(TriplePattern pattern, Finder continuation)
      Extended find interface used in situations where the implementator may or may not be able to answer the complete query. It will attempt to answer the pattern but if its answers are not known to be complete then it will also pass the request on to the nested Finder to append more results.
      Specified by:
      findWithContinuation in class BaseInfGraph
      pattern - a TriplePattern to be matched against the data
      continuation - either a Finder or a normal Graph which will be asked for additional match results if the implementor may not have completely satisfied the query.
    • graphBaseFind

      public ExtendedIterator<Triple> graphBaseFind(Node subject, Node property, Node object)
      Returns an iterator over Triples.
    • find

      public ExtendedIterator<Triple> find(TriplePattern pattern)
      Basic pattern lookup interface.
      find in class BaseInfGraph
      pattern - a TriplePattern to be matched against the data
      a ExtendedIterator over all Triples in the data set that match the pattern
    • performAdd

      public void performAdd(Triple t)
      Add one triple to the data graph, run any rules triggered by the new data item, recursively adding any generated triples.
      Specified by:
      performAdd in interface GraphWithPerform
      performAdd in class BaseInfGraph
    • performDelete

      public void performDelete(Triple t)
      Removes the triple t (if possible) from the set belonging to this graph.
      Specified by:
      performDelete in interface GraphWithPerform
      performDelete in class BaseInfGraph