Class GraphMemBase

All Implemented Interfaces:
Graph, GraphWithPerform
Direct Known Subclasses:
GraphMem, GraphMem2

public abstract class GraphMemBase extends GraphBase
GraphMemBase - a common base class for GraphMem and SmallGraphMem.

Any GraphMemBase maintains a reference count, set to one when it is created, and incremented by the method openAgain(). When the graph is closed, the count is decremented, and when it reaches 0, the tables are trashed and GraphBase.close() called. Thus in normal use one close is enough, but GraphMakers using GraphMems can arrange to re-use the same named graph.

  • Constructor Details

    • GraphMemBase

      public GraphMemBase()
      initialise a GraphMemBase with its count set to 1.
  • Method Details

    • openAgain

      public GraphMemBase openAgain()
      Note a re-opening of this graph by incrementing the count. Answer this Graph.
    • close

      public void close()
      Close this graph; if it is now fully closed, destroy its resources and run the GraphBase close.
      Specified by:
      close in interface Graph
      close in class GraphBase