Package org.apache.jena.mem

package org.apache.jena.mem
Various memory-based implementations of interfaces, specifically GraphMem for memory-based Graphs.
  • Class
    An ArrayBunch implements TripleBunch with a linear search of a short-ish array of Triples.
    A pruned (and slightly stewed) version of Map, containing just those operations required by NodeToTriplesMaps.
    A class that encapsulates a filter on fields on a triple.
    This implementation of GraphMem will be replaced by a new implementation.
    GraphMemBase - a common base class for GraphMem and SmallGraphMem.
    Shared stuff for our hashing implementations: does the base work for hashing and growth sizes.
    A hashed structure may become empty as a side-effect of a .remove on one of its iterators: a container can request notification of this by passing a NotifyEmpty object in when the iterator is constructed, and its emptied method is called when the bunch becomes empty.
    An implementation of BunchMap that does open-addressed hashing.
    A base class for in-memory graphs
    Helper class for listObjects.
    A spliterator for sparse arrays.
    A spliterator for sparse arrays.
    An iterator wrapper for NodeToTriplesMap iterators which ensures that a .remove on the base iterator is copied to the other two maps of this GraphMem.
    A WrappedIterator which remembers the last object next'ed in a protected instance variable, so that subclasses have access to it during .remove.
    A bunch of triples - a stripped-down set with specialized methods.