Interface BunchMap

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public interface BunchMap
A pruned (and slightly stewed) version of Map, containing just those operations required by NodeToTriplesMaps. BunchMaps contain only TripleBunch's.
  • Method Details

    • clear

      void clear()
      Clear this map: all entries are removed.
    • size

      long size()
      The number of items in the bunch.
    • get

      TripleBunch get(Object key)
      Answer the TripleBunch associated with key, or null if there isn't one.
    • put

      void put(Object key, TripleBunch value)
      Associate key and value. Any existing association of key is lost. get on this key will now deliver this value.
    • getOrSet

      TripleBunch getOrSet(Object key, Function<Object,TripleBunch> setter)
      Get the key and return the value found there; if nothing, calculate the value and insert. Return the value now the slot.
    • remove

      void remove(Object key)
      Remove any association for key; get on this key will now deliver null.
    • keyIterator

      ExtendedIterator<Object> keyIterator()
      Answer an iterator over all the keys in this map.
    • iterator

      Iterator<TripleBunch> iterator()
    • spliterator

      Spliterator<TripleBunch> spliterator()