Class NodeToTriplesMapBase

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public abstract class NodeToTriplesMapBase extends Object
A base class for in-memory graphs
  • Field Details

    • bunchMap

      public BunchMap bunchMap
      The map from nodes to Bunch(Triple).
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • add

      public abstract boolean add(Triple t)
      Add t to this NTM; the node o must be the index node of the triple. Answer true iff the triple was not previously in the set, ie, it really truly has been added.
    • remove

      public abstract boolean remove(Triple t)
      Remove t from this NTM. Answer true iff the triple was previously in the set, ie, it really truly has been removed.
    • iterator

      public abstract ExtendedIterator<Triple> iterator(Object o, HashCommon.NotifyEmpty container)
    • contains

      public abstract boolean contains(Triple t)
      Answer true iff this NTM contains the concrete triple t.
    • containsBySameValueAs

      public abstract boolean containsBySameValueAs(Triple t)
    • domain

      public final Iterator<Object> domain()
      The values (usually nodes) which appear in the index position of the stored triples; useful for eg listSubjects().
    • clear

      public void clear()
      Clear this NTM; it will contain no triples.
    • size

      public int size()
    • removedOneViaIterator

      public void removedOneViaIterator()
    • isEmpty

      public boolean isEmpty()
    • iterator

      public abstract ExtendedIterator<Triple> iterator(Node index, Node n2, Node n3)
    • iteratorForIndexed

      public abstract ExtendedIterator<Triple> iteratorForIndexed(Object y)
      Answer an iterator over all the triples that are indexed by the item y. Note that y need not be a Node (because of indexing values).
    • iterateAll

      public ExtendedIterator<Triple> iterateAll()
      Answer an iterator over all the triples in this NTM.
    • streamAll

      public Stream<Triple> streamAll()
    • stream

      public Stream<Triple> stream(Node index, Node n2, Node n3)
    • containsMatch

      public boolean containsMatch(Node index, Node n2, Node n3)