Class CollectionGraph

All Implemented Interfaces:
Graph, GraphWithPerform

public class CollectionGraph extends GraphBase
A simple graph implementation that wraps a collection of triples. This is intended to be used in places where a graph is required but iteration is the only expected operation. All graph operations are supported but many are not efficient and will be slow on large collections. In these cases a memory based graph will be more efficient.

This implementation:

  • Does not support deleting triples from the iterator
  • Does not handle literal typing
  • Constructor Details

    • CollectionGraph

      public CollectionGraph()
      Construct an empty graph using an empty HashSet. Iterator deletion is supported.
    • CollectionGraph

      public CollectionGraph(Collection<Triple> triples)
      Construct a graph from a collection. Iterator deletion is not supported.
      triples - The collection of triples.
  • Method Details

    • performAdd

      public void performAdd(Triple t)
      Description copied from class: GraphBase
      Add a triple to the triple store. The default implementation throws an AddDeniedException; subclasses must override if they want to be able to add triples.
      Specified by:
      performAdd in interface GraphWithPerform
      performAdd in class GraphBase
    • performDelete

      public void performDelete(Triple t)
      Description copied from class: GraphBase
      Remove a triple from the triple store. The default implementation throws a DeleteDeniedException; subclasses must override if they want to be able to remove triples.
      Specified by:
      performDelete in interface GraphWithPerform
      performDelete in class GraphBase
    • getCapabilities

      public Capabilities getCapabilities()
      Description copied from interface: Graph
      returns this Graph's capabilities
      Specified by:
      getCapabilities in interface Graph
      getCapabilities in class GraphBase