Interface Capabilities

All Known Implementing Classes:
AllCapabilities, BaseInfGraph.InfCapabilities, BaseInfGraph.InfFindSafeCapabilities, WrappedCapabilities

public interface Capabilities
Interface for expressing capabilities.
  • Method Details

    • sizeAccurate

      boolean sizeAccurate()
      Answer true iff Graph::size() is accurate.
    • addAllowed

      boolean addAllowed()
      Answer true iff Graph.add(org.apache.jena.graph.Triple) can be used to add at least some triples to the graph.
    • deleteAllowed

      boolean deleteAllowed()
      Answer true iff Graph.delete(org.apache.jena.graph.Triple) can be used to remove at least some triples from the graph.
    • handlesLiteralTyping

      boolean handlesLiteralTyping()
      Answer true iff this graph compares literals for equality by value in find() operations, rather just applying RDFTerm equality. Only applies to GraphMem. TDB models have this effect because of canonicalization for certain datatypes and ranges, SDB models don't.