Package org.apache.jena.graph.compose

package org.apache.jena.graph.compose
This package defines simple composite graphs - union, intersection, difference, and update-tracking.
  • Classes
    Base class for graphs that are composed of multiple sub-graphs.
    Graph operation for wrapping a base graph and leaving it unchanged while recording all the attempted updates for later access.
    Class representing the dynamic set difference L - R of two graphs.
    DisjointUnion - a version of Union that assumes the graphs are disjoint, and hence that find need not do duplicate-removal.
    Base class for the two-operand composition operations; has two graphs L and R
    The dynamic intersection of two graphs L and R.
    A graph implementation that presents the union of zero or more subgraphs, one of which is distinguished as the updateable graph.
    A base class for composition graphs that are composed from zero or more sub-graphs (thus providing a basis for polyadic composition operators).
    A class representing the dynamic union of two graphs.