Class Node_Ext<X>

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public abstract class Node_Ext<X> extends Node
Extension to the RDF Data model. This class and any subclasses exist for experimentation and custom extensions. There is no support for them within Apache Jena.

Extension nodes exist so that the machinery of datastructures (graphs, triples) can be used. There is no guarantee that processing Nodes (e.g. writing) will handle extensions.

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  • Method Details

    • visitWith

      public Object visitWith(NodeVisitor v)
      Description copied from class: Node
      Visit a Node and dispatch on it to the appropriate method from the NodeVisitor v.
      Specified by:
      visitWith in class Node
      v - the visitor to apply to the node
      the value returned by the applied method
    • isConcrete

      public boolean isConcrete()
      Description copied from class: Node
      Answer true iff this node is concrete, meaning a node that is data in an RDF Graph.
      Specified by:
      isConcrete in class Node
    • get

      public X get()
    • isExt

      public boolean isExt()
      Description copied from class: Node
      Extension node. Typically used in data structures based on triples.
      isExt in class Node
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
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      hashCode in class Node
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object obj)
      Description copied from class: Node
      Java rules for equals. See also {#sameTermAs} and {#sameValueAs} Nodes only equal other Nodes that have equal labels.
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      equals in class Node