SDB - persistent triple stores using relational databases

The Apache Jena SDB module has been retired and no longer supported.
The last release of Jena with this module is Jena 3.17.0.

SDB uses an SQL database for the storage and query of RDF data. Many databases are supported, both Open Source and proprietary.

An SDB store can be accessed and managed with the provided command line scripts and via the Jena API.

Use of SDB for new applications is not recommended.

This component is “maintenance only”.

TDB is faster, more scalable and better supported than SDB.


As of June 2013 the Jena developers agreed to treat SDB as being only maintained where possible. See Future of SDB thread on the mailing list.

The developers intend to continue releasing SDB alongside other Jena components but it is not actively developed. None of the developers use it within their organizations.

SDB may be revived as a fully supported component if members of the community come forward to develop it. The Jena team strongly recommends the use of TDB instead of SDB for all new development due to TDBs substantially better performance and scalability.



SDB is distributed from the Apache Jena project. See the downloads page for details.


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Database Notes

List of databases supported