SDB Databases Supported

The Apache Jena SDB module has been retired and is no longer supported.
The last release of Jena with this module was Apache Jena 3.17.0.

Product Version
Oracle 10g Including OracleXE
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Including MS SQL Express
DB2 9 Including DB2 9 Express
PostgreSQL v8.2
MySQL v5.0.22
Apache Derby v10.2.2.0
H2 1.0.71
HSQLDB 1.8.0

Support for a version implies support for later versions unless otherwise stated.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is also reported to work.

H2 support was contributed by Martin Hein (March 2008).

IBM DB2 support was contributed by Venkat Krishnamurthy (October 2007).