SDB Fuseki Integration

Fuseki is a server that implements the SPARQL protocol for HTTP. It can be used to give a SPARQL interface to an SDB installation.

The Fuseki server needs the SDB jar files on its classpath. The Fuseki server configuration file needs to contain two triples to integrate SDB:

[] rdf:type fuseki:Server ;
   fuseki:services (
   ) .

## Declare that sdb:DatasetStore is an implementation of ja:RDFDataset .
sdb:DatasetStore rdfs:subClassOf ja:RDFDataset .

then a Fuseki service can use an SBD-implemented dataset:

<#dataset> rdf:type sdb:DatasetStore ;
    sdb:store <#store> .

<#store> rdf:type sdb:Store ;
    sdb:layout     "layout2" ;
    sdb:connection <#conn> ;

<#conn> rdf:type sdb:SDBConnection ;

The database installation does not need to accept public requests, it needs only to be accessible to the Fuseki server itself.