SDB Quickstart

The Apache Jena SDB module has been retired and is no longer supported.
The last release of Jena with this module was Apache Jena 3.17.0.

SDB provides some command line tools to work with SDB triple stores. In the following it assumed that you have a store description set up for your database (sdb.ttl). See the store description format for details. The Store/ directory for some examples.

Setting up your environment

$ export SDBROOT=/path/to/sdb
$ export PATH=$SDBROOT/bin:$PATH
$ export SDB_USER=YourDatabaseUserName
$ export SDB_PASSWORD=YourDatabasePassword
$ export SDB_JDBC=YourJDBCdriver

Initialising the database

Be aware that this will wipe existing data from the database.

 $ sdbconfig --sdb sdb.ttl --format

This creates a basic layout. It does not add all indexes to the triple table, which may be left until after loading.

Loading data

 $ sdbload --sdb sdb.ttl file.rdf

You might want to add the --verbose flag to show the load as it progresses.

Adding indexes

You need to do this at some point if you want your queries to execute in a reasonable time.

 $ sdbconfig --sdb sdb.ttl --index


 $ sdbquery --sdb sdb.ttl 'SELECT * WHERE { ?s a ?p }'

 $ sdbquery --sdb sdb.ttl --file query.rq