Reporting bugs and making suggestions

Please report bugs using ASF's JIRA instance for Jena. General suggestions or requests for changes can also be discussed on the user list, but are less likely to be accidentally forgotten if you log them into JIRA.

Patches and other code contributions should also be attached to issues in JIRA (click on More Actions > Attach Files). Please note that ASF requires that all contributions must be covered by an appropriate license. To create a patch you can simply use the command:

svn diff > JENA-XYZ.patch

Please, inspect your patch and make sure it includes all (and only) the relevant changes for a single issue. Don't forget unit tests! If you want to test if a patch applies cleanly you can use:

patch -p0 < JENA-XYZ.patch

If you use Eclipse: right click on the project name in Package Explorer, select Team > Apply Patch.