Apache Jena Fuseki

Fuseki2 is a new major revision of Fuseki.

  • Security support, provided by Apache Shiro
  • New administration user interface for monitoring and managing datasets.
  • WAR file deployment
  • Embedded SPARQL server

Apache Jena Fuseki is a SPARQL server. It can run as a operating system service, as a Java web application (WAR file), and as a standalone server. It provides security (using Apache Shiro) and has a user interface for server monitoring and administration.

It provides the SPARQL 1.1 protocols for query and update as well as the SPARQL Graph Store protocol.

Fuseki is tightly integrated with TDB to provide a robust, transactional persistent storage layer, and incorporates Jena text query and Jena spatial query. It can be used to provide the protocol engine for other RDF query and storage systems.


The Jena users mailing is the place to get help with Fuseki.

Email support lists

Fuseki 1

Fuseki 1 is stil available for legacy use. Documentation for Fuseki1.

Download Fuseki

Releases of Apache Jena Fuseki can be downloaded from one of the mirror sites:

Jena Downloads

and previous releases are available from the archive. We strongly recommend that users use the latest official Apache releases of Jena Fuseki in preference to any older versions or of development builds.

Fuseki requires Java8 for Fuseki2 v2.3.0 onwards. and Fuseki1 v1.3.0 onwards. See also the Jena2/Jena3 migration notes.

Fuseki download files

Filename Description
fuseki-*VER*.distribution.zip Fuseki download, includes everything.
fuseki-*VER*-server.jar Fuseki server, as an executable jar.
fuseki-*VER*-server.war Fuseki server, as a web application archive (.war) file.

Previous releases

While previous releases are available, we strongly recommend that wherever possible users use the latest official Apache releases of Jena in preference to using any older versions of Jena.

Previous Apache Jena releases can be found in the Apache archive area at http://archive.apache.org/dist/jena

Development Builds

Regular developement builds of all of Jena are available (these are not formal releases) from the Apache snapshots maven repository. This includes packaged builds of Fuseki.

Getting Started With Fuseki

The quick start section serves as a basic guide to getting a Fuskei server running on your local machine.

See all the ways to run Fuseki for complete coverage of all the deployment methods for Fuseki.

How to Contribute

We welcome contributions towards making Jena a better platform for semantic web and linked data applications. We appreciate feature suggestions, bug reports and patches for code or documentation.

See "Getting Involved" for ways to contribute to Jena and Fuseki, including patches and making github pull-requests.

Source code

The development codebase is available from git.

Development builds (not a formal release): SNAPSHOT

Source code mirrored to github: https://github.com/apache/jena/jena-fuseki2