Package org.apache.jena.rdf.model

package org.apache.jena.rdf.model

A package for creating and manipulating RDF graphs.

  • Class
    An RDF Alternative container.
    Exception thrown if an Alt has no default statement.
    System id for an anonymous node.
    An RDF Bag container.
    An RDF Container.
    This exception may be raised when an attempt to convert an RDFNode to a ReifiedStatement fails because the RDFNode does not correspond to a reification.
    A exception that is thrown when an operation is attempted on an empty (nil) list that actually requires a list of length one or more.
    Exception that is thrown when an attept is made to perform a side-effectful operation on an RDFList that is the empty list, or rdf:nil.
    Exception to throw when a Statement or Resource (which don't have a useful common supertype, alas) don't have an associated model.
    An extension to the normal Model interface that supports access to any underlying inference capability.
    A exception that is thrown when an operation is attempted on a list that is not well-formed, and is being processed in strict mode.
    A exception that is thrown when an operation attempts to access an indexed list element beyond the length of the list.
    An RDF Literal.
    Exception to throw when an RDFNode required to be a Literal isn't, or when a literal Node is required but a non-literal Node supplied.
    An RDF Model.
    The interface for classes that listen for model-changed events.
    Convenience methods which extend the Model interface.
    ModelExtract - a wrapper for GraphExtract, allowing rooted sub-models to be extracted from other models with some boundary condition.
    ModelFactory provides methods for creating standard kinds of Model.
    Helper functions for ModelFactory - in here to keep from obtruding on the end-users.
    A ModelGetter object can retrieve a Model given a URL for it.
    ModelGraphInterface - this interface mediates between the API Model level and the SPI Graph level.
    A ModelMaker contains a collection of named models, methods for creating new models [both named and anonymous] and opening previously-named models, removing models, and accessing a single "default" Model for this Maker.
    A component interface used by ModelGetter for reading models.
    The revised and soon-to-be-core interface for sources of models, typically generated from RDF descriptions.
    An iterator which returns RDF nodes.
    An iterator which returns namespace URI's.
    An RDF Property.
    A generic error handler.
    Provides a convenience encapsulation for lists formed from chains of RDF statements arranged to form a head/tail cons-cell structure.
    Interface that encapsulates a function to apply to every element in a list.
    Interface that encapsulates a function to apply to each element of a list in turn, and passing the result to an accumulator.
    Interface covering RDF resources and literals.
    An RDFReader factory interface.
    An RDFReader reads a serialized representation of RDF, e.g.
    The interface for visiting (ie type-dispatching) an RDF Node.
    An RDFWriter factory interface.
    RDFWriterI is an interface to RDF serializers.
    A ReifiedStatement represents a Statement as a Resource.
    An iterator which returns RDF Resources.
    An RDF Resource.
    A Factory class for creating resources.
    The interface to resource factory objects.
    Exception to throw when an RDFNode required to be a Resource isn't, or when a Node supposed to be a resource isn't.
    An RSIterator is a ClosableIterator (qv) which delivers only ReifedStatement's and which has a next-method with that return type.
    A Statement selector.
    RDF Sequence container.
    Exception to throw when the index of a sequence is not in range.
    A general selector class for use when querying models.
    An RDF Statement.
    An interface for expressing search boundaries in terms of bounding statements.
    StatementBoundaryBase - a base class for StatementBoundarys, with built-in conversation to triples and a continueWith as well as a stopAt.
    StatementTripleBoundary - a StatementBoundary that just wraps a TripleBoundary.
    An iterator which returns RDF Statements.