Reading JSON-LD 1.1

JSON-LD 1.1 is the default version of JSON-LD supported by Apache Jena.

This page is out of date and left temporary only for information about using JSON-LD 1.1 in versions 4.2.x to 4.4.x.

This page details support for reading JSON-LD 1.1 using Titanium JSON-LD.

While Titanium is licensed under the Apache License, it has a dependency on the Eclipse Jakarta JSON Processing API, which is licensed under the Eclipse Public License 2.0.

Additional Dependencies

The Titanium engine (com.apicatalog:titanium-json-ld) uses the Eclipse Jakarta JSON Processing licensed under the Eclipse Public License 2.0 with dependencies:

  • jakarta.json:jakarta.json-api
  • org.glassfish:jakarta.json

Failure to add these dependencies will result in UnsupportedOperationException

Need both titanium-json-ld (1.1.0 or later) and org.glassfish:jakarta on the classpath


Jena currently (from version 4.2.0) offers both JSON-LD 1.0 and also JSON-LD 1.1.

The file extension for JSONLD 1.1 is .jsonld11.

If not reading from a file with this file extension, the application needs to force the language choice to be JSON-LD 1.1 with RDFParser using forceLang(Lang.JSONLD11):


or short-cut form:

RDFParser.source(URL or InputStream)