Class ExecUpdateHTTPBuilder<X,Y>

Direct Known Subclasses:
UpdateExecHTTPBuilder, UpdateExecutionHTTPBuilder

public abstract class ExecUpdateHTTPBuilder<X,Y> extends Object
  • Method Details

    • endpoint

      public Y endpoint(String serviceURL)
    • update

      public Y update(UpdateRequest updateRequest)
    • update

      public Y update(String updateRequestString)
    • update

      public Y update(Update update)
      Add the update.
    • updateString

      public Y updateString(String updateString)
      Set the update - this replaces any previous updates added. The update string is used as given including nonstandard syntax features offered by the remote SPARQL system.
    • substitution

      public Y substitution(Binding binding)
    • substitution

      public Y substitution(String var, Node value)
    • substitution

      public Y substitution(Var var, Node value)
    • httpClient

      public Y httpClient(HttpClient httpClient)
    • sendMode

      public Y sendMode(UpdateSendMode mode)
      Choose whether to send using POST as "application/sparql-update" (preferred) or as an HTML form, content type "application/x-www-form-urlencoded".
    • addUsingGraphURI

      public Y addUsingGraphURI(String uri)
    • addUsingNamedGraphURI

      public Y addUsingNamedGraphURI(String uri)
    • param

      public Y param(String name)
    • param

      public Y param(String name, String value)
    • httpHeader

      public Y httpHeader(String headerName, String headerValue)
    • httpHeaders

      public Y httpHeaders(Map<String,String> headers)
    • context

      public Y context(Context context)
      Set the Context. This defaults to the global settings of ARQ.getContext(). If there was a previous call of context the multiple contexts are merged.
    • set

      public Y set(Symbol symbol, Object value)
    • set

      public Y set(Symbol symbol, boolean value)
    • build

      public X build()