All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Var extends Node_Variable
A SPARQL variable
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  • Field Details

    • ANON

      public static Var ANON
  • Method Details

    • alloc

      public static Var alloc(String varName)
    • alloc

      public static Var alloc(Node_Variable v)
    • alloc

      public static Var alloc(Node v)
    • alloc

      public static Var alloc(Var v)
    • alloc

      public static Var alloc(ExprVar nv)
    • lookup

      public static Node lookup(Binding binding, Node node)
      Return the value in the binding (if node is a Var) or the node itself.
    • lookup

      public static Node lookup(Binding binding, Var var)
      Return the value in the binding or the variable itself.
    • lookup

      public static Node lookup(Function<Var,Node> access, Node node)
      Return the value of the access function or node itself.
    • lookup

      public static Node lookup(Function<Var,Node> access, Var var)
      Return the value of the access function or var itself.
    • asNode

      public Node asNode()
    • getVarName

      public String getVarName()
    • hashCode

      public final int hashCode()
      hashCode in class Node
    • equals

      public final boolean equals(Object other)
      equals in class Node_Variable
    • isNamedVar

      public boolean isNamedVar()
    • isBlankNodeVar

      public boolean isBlankNodeVar()
    • isAllocVar

      public boolean isAllocVar()
    • isAnonVar

      public boolean isAnonVar()
    • canonical

      public static String canonical(String x)
    • isVar

      public static boolean isVar(Node node)
    • isRenamedVar

      public static boolean isRenamedVar(Node node)
    • isRenamedVar

      public static boolean isRenamedVar(String x)
    • isNamedVar

      public static boolean isNamedVar(Node node)
    • isNamedVarName

      public static boolean isNamedVarName(String x)
    • isBlankNodeVar

      public static boolean isBlankNodeVar(Node node)
    • isBlankNodeVarName

      public static boolean isBlankNodeVarName(String x)
    • isAllocVar

      public static boolean isAllocVar(Node node)
    • isAllocVarName

      public static boolean isAllocVarName(String x)
    • varList

      public static List<Var> varList(Collection<String> varNames)
      Convert a collection of variable names to variables
    • isAnonVar

      public static boolean isAnonVar(Var var)
    • varNames

      public static List<String> varNames(Collection<Var> vars)
      Return a list of String names from a collection of variables