Class GenericChoiceFrame

Direct Known Subclasses:
ChoicePointFrame, GenericTripleMatchFrame, TopLevelTripleMatchFrame

public class GenericChoiceFrame extends FrameObject
Core properties of choice frames used use to represent the OR state of the backtracking search. Specific variants of this need to preserve additional choice state.

This is used in the inner loop of the interpreter and so is a pure data structure not an abstract data type and assumes privileged access to the interpreter state.

  • Constructor Details

    • GenericChoiceFrame

      public GenericChoiceFrame()
  • Method Details

    • init

      public void init(LPInterpreter interpreter)
      Initialize a choice point to preserve the current context of the given intepreter and then call the given set of predicates.
      interpreter - the LPInterpreter whose state is to be preserved
    • setContinuation

      public void setContinuation(int pc, int ac)
      Set the continuation point for this frame.