Class GenericTripleMatchFrame

Direct Known Subclasses:
ConsumerChoicePointFrame, TripleMatchFrame

public class GenericTripleMatchFrame extends GenericChoiceFrame
Frame on the choice point stack used to represent the state of some form of triple match - this is either a direct graph query or a query to a cached set of results.

This is used in the inner loop of the interpreter and so is a pure data structure not an abstract data type and assumes privileged access to the interpreter state.

  • Constructor Details

    • GenericTripleMatchFrame

      public GenericTripleMatchFrame()
  • Method Details

    • bindResult

      public boolean bindResult(Triple triple, LPInterpreter interpreter)
      Bind the goal variables to the given result triple. Returns false if the triple doesn't match the goal (due to a functor match failure).
    • functorMatch

      public boolean functorMatch(Triple t, LPInterpreter interpreter)
      Check that the object of a triple match corresponds to the given functor pattern. Side effects the variable bindings.
    • init

      public void init(LPInterpreter interpreter)
      Initialize the triple match to preserve the current context of the given LPInterpreter and search for the match defined by the current argument registers
      init in class GenericChoiceFrame
      interpreter - the interpreter instance whose env, trail and arg values are to be preserved