Class TopLevelTripleMatchFrame

public class TopLevelTripleMatchFrame extends GenericChoiceFrame
  • Constructor Details

    • TopLevelTripleMatchFrame

      public TopLevelTripleMatchFrame(LPInterpreter interpreter, TriplePattern goal)
      Constructor. Initialize the triple match to preserve the current context of the given LPInterpreter and search for the match defined by the current argument registers
      interpreter - the interpreter instance whose env, trail and arg values are to be preserved
  • Method Details

    • nextMatch

      public boolean nextMatch(LPInterpreter interpreter)
      Find the next result triple and bind the result vars appropriately.
      interpreter - the calling interpreter whose trail should be used
      false if there are no more matches in the iterator.
    • close

      public void close()
      Override close method to reclaim the iterator.
      close in class FrameObject