Package org.apache.jena.assembler

package org.apache.jena.assembler
  • Class
    An Assembler creates objects from their RDF descriptions.
    AssemblerHelp provides utility methods used by, and useful for working with, the Assembler code, including the methods that expand a model to include the required inferences and to find the most specific type of a root in an assembler specification.
    Exception used to report that the object of a statement is not a Resource.
    A Content object records content to be used to fill models.
    A Mode object controls whether persistent objects can be created or reused by an assembler.
    The ModelExpansion code expands a model M against a schema S, returning a new model which contains the statements of M any statements (A rdfs:subClassOf B) from S where neither A nor B is a bnode.
    A RuleSet wraps a list of rules.