Interface Assembler

All Known Implementing Classes:
AssemblerBase, AssemblerGroup, AssemblerGroup.ExpandingAssemblerGroup, ContentAssembler, DefaultModelAssembler, DocumentManagerAssembler, InfModelAssembler, MemoryModelAssembler, ModelAssembler, OntModelAssembler, OntModelSpecAssembler, PrefixMappingAssembler, ReasonerFactoryAssembler, RuleSetAssembler, UnionModelAssembler

public interface Assembler
An Assembler creates objects from their RDF descriptions. The root motivation is to create Models, but other objects are required as sub-components of those Models, so a general mechanism is available.
API Note:
Methods accepting Model as a parameter treat appropriate values of Model as passing down to sub-assemblers a requirement to share for certain setups that work as tightly coordinated groups. It's a hint, not an instruction.
  • Field Details

    • defaultModel

      static final Assembler defaultModel
    • memoryModel

      static final Assembler memoryModel
    • infModel

      static final Assembler infModel
    • ontModel

      static final Assembler ontModel
    • reasonerFactory

      static final Assembler reasonerFactory
    • content

      static final Assembler content
    • prefixMapping

      static final Assembler prefixMapping
    • unionModel

      static final Assembler unionModel
    • ontModelSpec

      static final Assembler ontModelSpec
    • ruleSet

      static final Assembler ruleSet
    • documentManager

      static final Assembler documentManager
    • general

      static final AssemblerGroup general
  • Method Details

    • open

      Object open(Assembler a, Resource root, Mode mode)
      The core operation: answer a new object constructed according to the object description hanging from root, using the assembler a for any sub-objects. Use mode to decide if persistent objects are to be re-used or created; this mode is passed down to all sub-object construction.
    • open

      Object open(Assembler a, Resource root)
      Answer open( a, root, Mode.DEFAULT ).
    • open

      Object open(Resource root)
      Answer open( this, root, Mode.DEFAULT ).
    • openModel

      Model openModel(Resource root)
      Answer (Model) open( this, root, Mode.DEFAULT ), unless the result cannot be or is not a Model, in which case throw an exception.
    • openModel

      Model openModel(Resource root, Mode mode)
      Answer (Model) open( this, root, mode ), unless the result cannot be or is not a Model, in which case throw an exception.