Class OntModelSpecAssembler

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public class OntModelSpecAssembler extends AssemblerBase implements Assembler
An OntModelSpecAssembler constructs OntModelSpec's from their RDF description. The description allows the document manager, the reasoner factory, the ont language, and the import model getter to be specified: the default values will be those of OWL_MEM_RDFS_INF, unless the root is ja:SPOO for some constant SPOO of OntModelSpec, in which case the defaults are taken from there.
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    • OntModelSpecAssembler

      public OntModelSpecAssembler()
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    • open

      public Object open(Assembler a, Resource root, Mode irrelevant)
      Description copied from interface: Assembler
      The core operation: answer a new object constructed according to the object description hanging from root, using the assembler a for any sub-objects. Use mode to decide if persistent objects are to be re-used or created; this mode is passed down to all sub-object construction.
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      open in interface Assembler
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      open in class AssemblerBase
    • getOntModelSpecField

      public static OntModelSpec getOntModelSpecField(String name)
      Answer the OntModelSpec in the OntModelSpec class with the given member name, or null if there isn't one.