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public class FN_Matches extends Object implements Function
Function for XPath fn:matches
  • Constructor Details

    • FN_Matches

      public FN_Matches()
  • Method Details

    • build

      public void build(String uri, ExprList args, Context context)
      Description copied from interface: Function
      Called during query plan construction immediately after the construction of the extension instance. A function can throw ExprException if something is wrong (like wrong number of arguments).
      Specified by:
      build in interface Function
      uri - The function URI
      args - The parsed arguments
      context - The build context.
    • exec

      public NodeValue exec(Binding binding, ExprList args, String uri, FunctionEnv env)
      Description copied from interface: Function
      Call a function. The argument list will not be null but may have the wrong number of arguments. FunctionBase provides a more convenient way to implement a function. Functions can throw ExprEvalException if something goes wrong.
      Specified by:
      exec in interface Function
      binding - The current solution
      args - A list of unevaluated expressions
      uri - The name of this
      env - The execution context
      NodeValue - a value