Class EnvironmentFrameWithDerivation

public class EnvironmentFrameWithDerivation extends EnvironmentFrame
Extension of the normal AND-stack environment frame to support incremental derivation logging.
  • Constructor Details

    • EnvironmentFrameWithDerivation

      public EnvironmentFrameWithDerivation(RuleClauseCode clause)
      clause - the compiled code being interpreted by this env frame
  • Method Details

    • noteMatch

      public void noteMatch(TriplePattern pattern, int pc)
      Instantiate and record a matched subgoal
    • getResult

      public Triple getResult()
      Return the final instantiated goal given the current binding state.
    • getMatchList

      public List<Triple> getMatchList()
      Return a safe copy of the list of matched subgoals in this subderivation.
    • initDerivationRecord

      public void initDerivationRecord(Node[] args)
      Create an initial derivation record for this frame, based on the given argument registers.