All Implemented Interfaces:
ARPConfig, ARPErrorNumbers, Names, ContentHandler, DTDHandler, EntityResolver, ErrorHandler, LexicalHandler
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class SAX2RDF extends SAX2RDFImpl implements ARPConfig

Allows connecting an arbitrary source of SAX events with ARP.

For use with a DOM tree, either use DOM2Model or see The Java Developer's Almanac for a discussion of how to transform a DOM into a source of SAX events.

The use pattern is to create and initialize one of these, then set it as the content, lexical and error handler for some source of SAX events (e.g. from a parser). The parser must be configured to use namespaces, and namespace prefixes. This initializing can be done for XMLReaders using installHandlers(org.xml.sax.XMLReader, org.apache.jena.rdfxml.xmlinput1.impl.XMLHandler).

To build a Jena model it is better to use SAX2Model. The documentation here, covers usage both using the subclass SAX2Model, and not.

This class does not support multithreaded SAX sources, nor IO interruption.

There is further documentation: here.