Package org.apache.jena.enhanced

package org.apache.jena.enhanced
This package defines the enhanced node and graph classes; an enhanced node is one embedded in a particular enhanced graph.
  • Class
    Exception to throw when adding a view to a Polymorphic discovers that the view to add is already on a ring.
    The personalities that are provided for the existing Jena classes.
    EnhGraph wraps a plain graph and contains enhanced nodes that wrap the plain nodes of the plain graph.
    A specialisation of Polymorphic that models an extended node in a an extended graph.
    Personalities for Graphs.
    Interface defining a generic factory interface for generating enhanced nodes from normal graph nodes.
    Personalities for nodes.
    Defines a set of permitted mappings from [interface] Class objects to Implementation factories that can generate instances of the facet represented by the Class.
    Exception denoting that a personality is misconfigured in some way.
    Abstract base class for all polymorphic RDF objects, especially enhanced node and enhanced graph.
    Exception to throw if an enhanced graph does not support polymorphism to a specific class.