Class Implementation


public abstract class Implementation extends Object

Interface defining a generic factory interface for generating enhanced nodes from normal graph nodes. Implementation classes should have a public final member variable called factory of this type.

  • Constructor Details

    • Implementation

      public Implementation()
  • Method Details

    • wrap

      public abstract EnhNode wrap(Node node, EnhGraph eg)
      Create a new EnhNode wrapping a Node in the context of an EnhGraph
      node - The node to be wrapped
      eg - The graph containing the node
      A new enhanced node which wraps node but presents the interface(s) that this factory encapsulates.
    • canWrap

      public abstract boolean canWrap(Node node, EnhGraph eg)
      true iff wrapping (node, eg) would succeed.
      node - the node to test for suitability
      eg - the enhanced graph the node appears in
      true iff the node can represent our type in that graph