Package org.apache.jena.sparql.pfunction.library

package org.apache.jena.sparql.pfunction.library
  • Classes
    Alt membership
    Assignment: does not change the value of an existing binding.
    Bag membership
    Relationship between a node (subject) and it's bNode label (object/string)
    Relationship between a node (subject) and it's bNode label (object/string)
    container - super class of bag/alt/seq - rdfs:member
    Base class for list related operations
    List operation - object can't be a list.
    List membership with index : property function to access list using index Usage: ?list :listIndex (?index ?member)
    List length : property function to get the length of a list.
    List membership : property function implementation of list:member.
    Seq membership
    Alternative name for splitIRI
    Property function to turn an RDF term (but not a blank node) into a string
    Property function that requires the object to contain a list of two items, the first of which is a string to be split, and the second is a regular expression denoting the split point.
    Access the subsystem version registry and yield URI/version for each entry